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The Pastizzi in Malta

If you ask a Maltese resident about their island's most popular specialty, there's a good chance they'll answer you: "Pastizzi"! Yes, Malta's most popular street food is Pastizzi.

It is enjoyed every day at all hours by locals and tourists alike, so much so that the "Pastizzerias" constantly prepare fresh products throughout the day. Yet the love for this traditional staple does not end in Malta

“Pastizzi” are also made overseas by Maltese immigrant communities primarily in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. And recently, distributed in France by the company CALDIMEX ® in partnership with MC SIMS ® based in Malta.


Caldi'zzi®, the authentic benchmark of "Caldi" in France.

According to historians the origin of "Caldi" appeared at a time when the inhabitants began to create new flavors by inventing new recipes with pastry. In fact, baking was considered a good option to satisfy a hungry tummy when little meat or other ingredients were readily available. 'Pastizzi' were eventually made into Malta's national snack and have become an integral part of Maltese cuisine.

Today they can be sold in the many Pastizzerias (family kiosk) that can be found in virtually every corner of the island. They are also available in bars, cafes and pastry shops.

Deeply rooted in the local culture, the word is also used in the Maltese language to refer to specific situations like the idiom "inbiegħu bħall-pastizzi" constant and high demand, equivalent to English. phrase "sell yourself like hot cakes"

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A National Icon

Traditionally diamond-shaped or round in shape depending on the filling, Pastizzi are usually made with a dough that looks a lot like phyllo dough.

The dough is usually stretched and folded with layers of fat between each sheet and rolled several times to achieve its unique puff pastry when baked. Traditionally, this savory treat is filled with Ricotta, commonly known as Pastizzi tal-irkotta (cheesecake) or peas, also known as Pastizzi tal-piżelli (pea cake).

In recent years, Pastizzi have reached a whole new level of quality with many stores offering different variations of this culinary specialty. Chicken, beef or spinach pastizzi are slowly but steadily becoming popular with locals.

There is no denying that pastizzi are high in calories, but since consumers have become increasingly health conscious, pastizzerias have adapted their products and now offer low-calorie alternatives, allowing customers to continue to enjoy these delicious specialties without fear of being overweight.

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The "Caldi Caldi" in Marseille

"I'm talking about a time that those under twenty cannot know": many years ago, a man, Mr. Louis DARMANIN, made with Love this unique little treat in the old district of Noailles in Marseille .

It was in his little shop on Pollack Street that you could find his famous "Caldi" entirely handmade. But which Marseillais did not taste this specialty in the street in the years 1970/1980?

Today this product is being released in France thanks to the company CALDIMEX® which distributes it in collaboration with the company MC SIMS® (in bold) based in Malta. Its taste and its quality will undoubtedly revive the memory of the ancients….

as for the youngest, they will discover them ...